Clay Plasters

Earth is one of the most aesthetically pleasing building materials that nature has to offer. Whether used in its pure form as a raw material, formed into rammed earth walls or applied as a smooth wall plaster, the presence of the material can always be felt. Rooms made with clay are more than just skin deep. They are not just natural and ecological; they are also elegant and appealing to the senses – each and every day.

Earth contributes to creating healthy and comfortable interiors, a product of the specific properties of the clay minerals it contains. Rooms made with clay are healthy, relaxing and promote a sense of well-being. In fact, many of our customers say that their homes feel as restful as being on holiday.

Earth also helps resolve technical problems

Building boards made of clay lend drywall constructions much improved sound insulation properties.
During the time ECO-REMONT has not only perfected the professional production of building materials but have also acquired extensive know-how on building with earth. Whether you are a contractor or a private homeowner working with earth building products, we can tell you how it works.

For planners and architects, we provide a comprehensive library of detailed technical information and media. All this reinforces ECO-REMONT’s reputation as a leading provider of building products made of clay and earth.