• For the benefit of our customers, we have been concentrating on transparency for many years. Our suppliers declare all the raw materials used via their websites, their labels and their technical specification sheets.
  • The technical sheets likewise indicate what is hidden behind a description of raw materials, and what the provenance of the individual raw materials is.
  • The rise in the numbers of people suffering from allergies shows that there is almost nothing that cannot trigger an allergy in someone somewhere. The product labels give users the information they need about what has gone into the manufacture of the products and whether they are suitable for them.
  • EKO REMONT markets all its products with a highly consistent eye to the environment: they are made from predominantly plant-based or mineral-based raw materials. In addition, the fact that absolutely no petrochemical solvents are used is a cornerstone of our philosophy. We constantly monitor our suppliers from the point of view of raw materials and quality to ensure that this high environmental standard is always maintained.